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Centerfold’s Gentleman’s Club  – Only Strip Club in Costa Rica’s central pacific party town Jaco.
Only Las Vegas style strip club in Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast

$50,000 light system
2 VIP rooms
30 dancers

1st level with the main dance floor, 2nd floor VIP access only for private parties and high rollers

Don’t make do with a little, think big, don’t be stingy and party in style! Why don’t you rent an entire strip-club to start with?  Do you think that’s impossible?  Well it’s not!  In Las Vegas this can cost upwards of $5000 or more…… at Centerfolds you can do this for less than half of that.

The contents of the program:

Private exclusive renting for 2 hours
Free Top Shelf Bottle Service
Non-stop show on the stage
8 to 15 girls (depending on the group’s size)
Exclusive show for the bachelor Pre-party dinner with beverages for the entire group


It’s guaranteed that you will be provided with the best service from the most carefully selected staff and what also matters a lot, at a very favorable price.  Before deciding on your evening program, consider it well, because this is really a must-not-miss and exclusive program since in this way everything will be about you.  You don’t need to share either the girls or the place, nothing and nobody will disturb your entertainment.  And the price is unbeatable!
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